[DOWNLOAD] Team Minamoto GT-R v2

And now, to make the GTR2 enthusiasts happy, the newer version of the blog-sponsored Minamoto GT-R GT3, the first 2014 downloadable content.

I've made some changes in the paint, specially in the base color, that changed from white to silver.

Remembering, take a look at the readme for more info, it takes only a few seconds.

Hope you enjoy it.

Link: http://www.4shared.com/rar/YrNqcG-_ba/Minamoto_GTR_v2-0.html


Just extract the .rar content in your GTR2 folder.


Due to a bunch of things coming for my next works, I've decided to change the file storage from Dropbox to 4shared, so the links from other downloads will be updated to attend these changes.