Studio 397 reveals content plans for rFactor 2

The present time has been brilliant for rFactor 2 since Studio 397 took the simulator for them, working on DirectX 11 graphics and more content, but they are already prepared to take the next step as not only McLaren will make a great contribution, but other improvements will raise the bar in the title.

As revealed in Studio 397's July development roadmap, with McLaren selecting rFactor 2 as the qualifying platform for the McLaren World Fastest Gamer competition, the McLaren 650S GT3 will be included in the simulator as it will be the car to be used for the qualifying stage of the competition which will present the winner with a year long contract as McLaren-Honda F1's simulator driver. Registration for the competition opens on August 1st and the first round will be on August 13th.

Along with the crowned GT3 racer, the first in rF2 since the REITER Camaro GT3, a pack with other cars will be released for the simulator as a paid DLC, and on the track department, work is on final stages to release Zandvoort as the next project, with the Dutch venue being in the McLaren WFG calendar in late August, and other tracks are in the works, although their details will be revealed in the next development roadmap posts.

Several updates for the DX11 will come also with a renewed user interface, improvements in physics regarding the tire model and solutions for overlays and competition mechanics, which can be seen in details in Studio 397's blog post.

PHOTOS: rFactor 2 in-game screen, Studio 397