[DOWNLOAD - AC] Minamoto Racing R8 LMS

Hi there, here are the downloads again!

This was project that sidelined from quite a time that I decided to revive since we're
going to the 24 Hours of Spa, and because of this a Belgian themed detail was necessary. Was planning to do this in the McLaren 650S GT3 but the recently introduced Audi R8 LMS GT3 spec 2016 proved to be more interesting.

Initially only the livery and pit board are done, but a possible update will include
the overalls.

To enjoy the Minamoto Racing R8 LMS livery is simple: just unzip the content and drop it into Assetto Corsa's main folder.

Special thanks to Michael Doherty for his templates for Crew Suits, Gloves and Pit Board, as it was proven to be very useful than anything seen until now.

General info and contacts are on the readme file along with the livery, so read with care.