Evjen dominates RallyX On Ice event in Norway

The one month break for RallyX On Ice passed really fast and the competitors were at Gol, Norway, for the second round of the winter championship this Saturday (4). Somehow local advantage and a supporting crowd were the boosts that Sondre Evjen needed to dominate the event and leave the title fight wide open.

Semifinal 1 started and Sondre Evjen quickly took the lead, leaving the Gryazin brothers fighting between themselves for second place. While that, Simon Olofsson tried to make up for going down to last place and instead got stuck in the snowbanks and left the race.

The top-3 was more than spread and confirmed, so it was just a matter of crossing the finish line for the winner Evjen and for Vasily and Nikolay Gryazin.

RallyX On Ice - Gol - Semifinal 1 results:

On semifinal 2 things were a bit more heated as Alexander Westlund beat Mitchell De Jong before the first corner, but the American driver refused to leave it as is, keeping pressure as hard as he could until he got in the Joker, almost getting in a messy situation with Oscar Solberg at the exit of it.

De Jong got rid of Solberg's clutches and aimed to the lead, taking Westlund's Joker Lap as an opportunity and not missing it, becoming the new leader in the final and winning it followed by Westlund and Solberg.

RallyX On Ice - Gol - Semifinal 2 results:

The grid for the final was an interesting group with guys ranging from full time RX2 drivers to those with at least a race in the international scene, and the best representatives from RX2 and GRC Lites were right ahead, side by side. The RX2 side did it better from the first corner as Evjen quickly took the lead while Westlund caught De Jong napping and got two positions. Things went really rough in the first lap, so much that Nikolay Gryazin was sent to the snowbanks and retired.

Again Evjen was with the race in his hands while De Jong returned to second place and tried to catch with the Swede, making crucial mistakes in the first corner as a result, and with the huge distance between the two, the American settled for second.

While first and second place were more than guaranteed, the last podium place was still up for grabs for Vasily Gryazin, Solberg and Westlund, and the early joker taken by Solberg proved to be worthy as the position fights slowed Gryazin and Westlund, enough to open a way for the Norwegian to take third place in the final lap.

RallyX On Ice - Gol - Final result:

Evjen leads the RallyX On Ice with 27 points with De Jong right behind with 25, with Westlund being the dark horse in the title fight with 18 points. The action returns to Sweden next week, as Östersund holds the final round at the Östersunds Motorstadion.

PHOTO: RallyX Nordic