KUNOS Simulazioni becomes part of the Digital Bros Group

Assetto Corsa became a cherished sim racing title by the fans when the developer KUNOS Simulazioni was on its own in the project, and the title invaded the console world with the help of the label 505Games. But now, KUNOS Simulazioni started a new chapter, being bought by Italian gaming company Digital Bros, and so becoming part of them.

Basically the deal puts Digital Bros in control of 100% of the KUNOS Simulazioni's shares, something that was kept under the table until last Friday (20), but according to KUNOS Licensing Project Manager Marco Massarutto, even though they sealed this deal nothing is expected to change for the players of the Italian game, and little should change for the staff themselves, like the aspect that funding will not come from their own resources anymore but now from Digital Bros.

What is exactly the Digital Bros Group? They are a fellow Italian company founded in 1989 and with their headquarters being at Milan. They are now dedicated to the gaming world with their two brands, 505Games and Halifax, and the company acts in various parts of the process, from game creation to publishing (like the Assetto Corsa case) and even distribution. The 505Games label covers console gaming, mobile and PC, with titles like Payday 2 and Sniper Elite under their care.

With previous announcements of loads of new content coming this year, the Digital Bros deal is expected to bring the resources needed for KUNOS Simulazioni to continue delivering the high quality already seen in Assetto Corsa.

PHOTO: Assetto Corsa in-game screenshot