Clearwater Racing will commit to full FIA WEC season

Clearwater Racing is recognized as one of the main forces in the Asian GT racing scene, and while they commited mostly to GT3 racing until now, they also have what to celebrate in ACO-ruled competitions, with a GT class title in the Asian Le Mans Series and a respectable fourth place in the LMGTE-Am class at their debut 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2016. But now the Singapore-based squad confirmed they will compete in worldwide level, adding a lot more to the Asian presence in international competitions.

The car to the new task is already selected, as they will tackle the FIA World Endurance Championship in the Ferrari 488 GTE, the first of the cars under the new LMGTE regulations to come to the amateur GT category, which raised a lot of concern about the competitiveness of all cars involved. AF Corse will be in charge of the operation of the team, with the lineup being with its current trio, as owner Mok Weng Sun is partnered by Keita Sawa as it has been for a long time, with Matt Griffin completing the team.

According to Sportscar365, team owner Mok was in fact thinking a lot going to the FIA WEC or not and even was already considering retirement after the current Asian Le Mans Series season due to his age and long commitment with GT racing in Asia, but as discussions with the rest of the team went on he finally decided on favor of competing in the world stage.

Depending on things go on, Clearwater Racing will be the third Asian team in the LMGTE-Am class as KCMG and Abu Dhabi-Proton still need to confirm if they will return to the class.

PHOTO: Clearwater Racing