Photo Gallery: Endurance RS - 3 Horas de Tarumã

The Sunday (24) was quite a lively day at the Tarumã track in the south of Brazil with the regional Endurance RS championship as well the regional Copa Classic series and it's history on wheels. Below we'll show what we caught on camera while at the racetrack.

The overall winner was the No. 78 MC Tubarão machine driven by Franco Pasquale and Tiel de Andrade, taking advantage into the pace reduction and eventual retirement of the early leaders of the No. 26 MRX from the Scheer family. After that, neither the No. 75 MRX or the new No. 18 Mottin Racing MCR GrandAm V10 were able to cope with the strong pace of the No. 78 car.

The best GT car honors came to the No. 17 Chevrolet Sonic Stock Car, practically without any threats.

The Touring car honors were took by the No. 22 Volkswagen Gol driven by Reinaldo and Ike Halmenschlager.

It was a race were the yellow flags and the Safety Car took a good chunk of the time on track, with the first of several interventions being right in the third lap and the last one being with 5 minutes to go, as accidents and mechanical failures were almost commonplace.

Although grid numbers were a bit reduced compared to other occasions, variety was still a thing in the 29-car field. Home prototypes like the MRX and the MetalMoro MR18 known by the Reiza Studios' Automobilista fans, well known GT machinery like the REITER-perpared Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 and the Eurobike-sponsored BMW M3 GTS made presence in the track.

There are more photos of the weekend at Tarumã, but those will be on Minamoto Graphics page on Facebook, so from now on we invite you to go there and give a look.