eSPORTS + CARS, the new idea of Darren Cox

It isn’t secret for anyone that Darren Cox was the name behind the huge success of the Nissan GT Academy program. But although he isn’t anymore with the Japanese manufacturer, his ties with virtual motorsports are still strong thanks to his new eSports team, eSPORTS + CARS.

Cox himself helped making video game drivers to successfully turn into real drivers, with some of them winning races and championships, generating interest from other teams and manufacturers as they signed some of these guys. Along with the program, the eSports scene grew massively, with many teams being sponsored by big companies and even some entities of other sports creating its own teams.

The idea with eSPORTS + CARS is to make a full virtual racing team up to the level of any professional racing team, and maybe transform this into a powerful link to a real career, as championships in the virtual world have pretty high standards and tough competition like the top level competitions where you can drive inside a cockpit of any car. Also, the market-wise possibilities with eSports are obviously huge, as the guy driving in a sim racing title today just because of the game can be the motorsport fan of tomorrow, being drown into the sport, the cars and many other aspects.

And along with the announcement of eSPORTS + CARS came the first partner of the virtual team, as Greaves Motorsport is now linked with them. The squad led by Tim Greaves was the bridge of many of the GT Academy drivers to the prototype ranks, as high profiles GT Academy drivers like Jann Mardenborough, Lucas OrdoƱez and current Bentley boy Wolfgang Reip are some examples that entered in a Greaves cockpit and left a good impression. According to Greaves, the partnership is welcome as he wants to see the Greaves Motorsport name being more related with the eSports scene.