Strategy helps WRT to win the Main Race at Brands Hatch

Strategy is also part of any type of racing, and WRT used this trump card to win the Main Race of the Blancpain GT Sprint Cup at Brands Hatch. A very well done pit stop gave the lead that the No. 33 Audi R8 LMS never gave up with Christopher Mies and Enzo Ide.

Lights were out for the Main Race and although there were some cars in the grass before and after the starting line, everything went fine. Bernd Schneider kept the lead with the No. 86 HTP Mercedes while Enzo Ide jumped in front of Marlon Stockinger to be in second, while Clemens Schmid in the No. 85 HTP Mercedes became easy prey for the other contenders, being passed by Frederic Vervisch, in the No. WRT Audi and Maxime Soulet in the No. 8 M-SPORT Bentley.

Tight track, lots of cars, which meant some slight bits of contact, like the one that almost knocked out Vervisch, but sent him way back in the field. Back to the podium fight, Soulet then started to press Stockinger in the No. 74 ISR Audi, close enough to make a move.

Being patient sometimes rewards the person, and Soulet stayed 10 minutes behind Stockinger to be finally able to make the move to overtake. Stockinger could do nothing to save himself, and lost the last podium place. A bit later in the other hand, Davide Valsecchi paid for his impatience and went to the gravel in the No. 77 Attempro Lamborghini.

Instead of defending himself of Soulet, Enzo Ide opted to pit early to put Christopher Mies in the No. 33 WRT Audi. It was the time when the No. 86 HTP Mercedes started to deal with the backmarkers, but it was in the pit stops, when Jules Szymkowiak and Andy Soucek got their respective cars, that the Mercedes vs. Bentley battle went the closest. But surprise, Christopher Mies got an excellent pit job in his No. 33 WRT Audi and became the leader.

Still in the WRT matters, the No. 2 and No. 3 had a contact and both went off the track, without a possibility to return. In a good evasive move, Mies avoided one of the crashed car, missing it by a very little margin.

The full course yellow period lasted 15 minutes to properly take the cars and do barrier repairs, and the question was about how will Szymkowiak into Mies, or if we will have a possible surprise. Then we got green and Mies kept his place ahead of Symkowiak while Soucek had a hard time getting rid of a backmarker Ferrari. But then, he was so distant of the front pack that impossible to do something.

Szymkowiak kept the pressure into Mies in the last minutes, but he wasn’t quick enough to reduce the gap, and the No. 33 WRT Audi saw the checkered flag first. Luca Stolz and Michelle Beretta gave Silver Cup honors to the No. 19 GRT Lamborghini, while the No. 11 Kessel Racing Ferrari won the Pro-Am class with Giacomo Piccini and Michal Broniszewski.