Moscow says goodbye to Formula E

Initially the Formula E would have eleven rounds in the calendar of the 2015/2016 season, but we had some problems about the confirmation of the whole calendar, but eventually an ePrix suffered the hit and was knocked out, which was the Moscow ePrix.

The race in the streets of the Russian capital that was confirmed to be held on June 4th, but supposed conflicts between the promoters and the organization may have been the trigger to the cancellation. The official Formula E statement described the reason as “recent and unforeseen circumstances related to road closures.”

The championship organization was eager to find a replacement round, with a return to Monaco the first plan and important authorities being contacted, like the Prince Albert. But truth was that it would need too much effort in a short time to make everything ready for the race, so even the alternative plan was aborted.

Other rounds were threatened of being erased of the calendar due to the issues about the areas to be used, as the continuation of the London ePrix was decided by the votes of the local council, and the Berlin ePrix had to find an alternative track as the Tempelhof Airport became a point to house refugees. Curiously, these two venues are the ones left to complete the 2015/2016 season, with the Berlin ePrix to be raced on May 21st, and the London ePrix double header as the season finale on July 2nd and 3rd.

75 points for the win are open, and the gap between the leader Lucas di Grassi and the runner-up S├ębastien Buemi is of only 11 points, and judging by the 82 points of third placed driver Sam Bird, the title fight will keep down to the first two.

PHOTO: Mahindra Racing