Loeb with Peugeot-Hansen: the legend comes to World RX

The Team Peugeot-Hansen was a serious contender for the FIA World Rallycross Championship drivers title in and won the teams title in 2015, supported by a hard-working crew and some good entities, like ORECA. But it's not like they couldn't step up their game, which they actually did by bringing Sébastien Loeb to the team. Yes, that Sébastien Loeb.

The nine time World Rally champion, who left the discipline to try himself in different categories along the years, but it's not like he will be in a rallycross supercar for the first time. He tried his hand at the X Games Los Angeles in 2012, curiously with a Hansen Motorsport Citroën DS3 RX, wiping out the competition without mercy. After that, he participated of the European Rallycross Championship at Lohéac, finishing ninth, and since then, he was only target of speculation for a return, specially after his move from Citroën's WTCC team to Peugeot's Rally Dakar team.

But Team Peugeot-Hansen isn't leaving everything in the hands of Loeb, as Timmy Hansen, who put quite a challenge to the world champion Petter Solberg, will appear in the other full time Peugeot 208 WRX. Some bad luck struck into Timmy's door last year, which is expected to not happen this year.

Along with Loeb and Hansen, the other Frenchman of the team, Davy Jeanney, will race in ten of the twelve events of the season and will act as a mentor of the fourth guy of the team, the RX Lites champion Kevin Hansen as he steps up definitely to supercars after an impressive display at Argentina last year. Both Jeanney and Kevin will be part of a new venture formed by Peugeot Sport and Hansen Motorsport called Peugeot Hansen Academy, which will be like a junior team of the Swedish squad, more in the way of Hansen Talent Development, which showed to Janis Baumanis the way to the World RX supercars in 2015.

We still have 46 days until the 2016 season starts at Montealegre, Portugal, on April 15th, but it's not like the Team Peugeot-Hansen crew are just celebrating about their newly added team member, as they made a videoclip with Timmy Hansen and Loeb giving their machines the proper treatment on a snowy track.

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Posted by Red Bull on Monday, February 29, 2016

PHOTO: Team Peugeot-Hansen