Block brings Bakkerud to Hoonigan World RX effort

It wasn't enough for Ken Block to announce a full season commitment to the FIA World Rallycross Championship, he decided to bring a team mate to hoon alongside him, and the guy that he selected for the task was Andreas Bakkerud.

The announcement was made this Wednesday (20) directly on social media, after playing a mystery game between some jokes a day before, with option ranging from World RX champion Petter Solberg to Jeremy Clarkson(?).

Bakkerud comes from a two-year stint with Ford Olsbergs MSE in their Ford Fiesta ST RX cars, achieving three victories, eight podiums and fourth place as his highest drivers' standings position, in 2015. Also, thanks to him, partnered with Reinis Nitiss, Ford Olsbergs MSE conquered the World RX teams championship in 2014 and got a runner-up finish in 2015.

In fact it isn't exactly a surprise that Bakkerud was called by Block, not only because his knowledge with the Ford Fiesta ST, but also because Bakkerud raced against Block in both the World RX and the Global Rallycross Championship. They met each other on track three times, with Block being ahead in both his World RX entries in 2014, while Bakkerud got the upper hand in his most recent clash during the X Games at Austin in 2015.

The Nowegian-American duo will drive the M-Sport built Ford Fiesta STs that Block drives for a long time since the start of the decade, when rallycross in its format became part of the X Games and then gave origin to Global Rallycross as it is today. The Olsbergs Fords won't be surprise opponents to Hoonigan Racing Division, but the Team Peugeot Hansen's 208 WRX, the Marklund Motorsport's Polo RX and PSRX will require attention and all the experience and knowledge that Bakkerud can bring to the team.

The 2016 season will start on April 17th, at Montealegre, Portugal.

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