Still R18 e-tron Quattro, but in a different way

During the Audi Sport Finale held at Munich this weekend, Audi confirmed it will be back with the ambition of taking the FIA World Endurance Championship title in the LMP1 class from the claws of Porsche, and was the first to present their machine to take this task. It’s still named R18 e-tron Quatro, but design and some details under the bodywork will suffer changes compared to its past versions.

Taking a look at the bodywork design of the new R18, it barely resembles the first R18, as the endplates of the back wing have a dramatically different shape, as well most of the details of the body, which are a bit less curvy. Also, the wing mirrors are more integrated with the bodywork, a lot alike the design of the Le Mans aerokit used in the current R18 e-tron Quattro. The front nose is higher and narrower, practically throwing the airflow to the inside of car instead of just passing through it. The headlights area also changed, totally pointed to the front, which may improve the effect of the signature laser lights used by the German manufacturer.

Under the body, the new R18 e-tron Quattro still uses their tried and trusted 4.0L V6 turbodiesel engine, but their hybrid system changes from the Williams-developed flywheel to a lithium-ion battery system, which is already used by Porsche in their 919 model and is one of the most prominent ways to combine power and reliability. The change in the energy recovery system also means that Audi will for the first time use a high-powered hybrid category, as they step up from 4MJ to 6MJ next year.

Just as quick as the car presentation will be the first tests with the 2016 version R18, as Audi will make their common trip to Sebring in December to expose the car to the tough American track.

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