Modern Masters brings DiRT Rally a bit closer to the present time

Expected to be delivered to the gaming public in the end of October, the Modern Masters update of DiRT Rally finally was available for download on Steam this Monday (November 2nd), with four cars and some adjusts into the game, especially in terms of handling, which makes the Codemasters game hit the 0.9 version.

First of all, the 2000s class gained two new cars to the competition, which are the 2007 spec Ford Focus RS WRC and the Citroën C4 WRC, which simply were part of the duel for the WRC title that season in a four-way driver battle, and while Citroën won the drivers title, Ford won the teams title, so it's down to your preference which one to choose, because both are pretty good.

Also, a new modern class was added to the list, which is the R4 class, which has two cars on it: the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the Subaru Impreza WRX Spec C, in 2011 specification glory.

To explain in a simple way, the R4 class was a part of the Group R regulation created in the last decade, which was eligible for the Production WRC series as Group A or Group N cars before 2013, and now are part of the second tier world rally scene. These cars are still used against the Super 2000 ones, but now are becoming less and less common in this kind of top-tier competition.

Below it's a video of the Lancer Evo X R4 at the Jyrkysjärvi stage in Finland to demonstrate a bit of what expects you in the update:

Other changes include an improved handling model for the Group B and Group A cars, distance and elevation of the stages in the information screen, control over seat position, headlamps and windscreen wipers by button assignment, a more dynamic mechanical failure system, more host control over the PvP options and a lot more.

If you want to see the complete set of updates, just see the Codies Blog post about it.

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