Close finishes exist to be seen in person

Of course at least once you saw a race with a very close finish, enough to make you now leave your seat. But let me tell you: seeing a nail-biting finish is way cooler to see live, at the circuit.

This Sunday, the blog owner decided to go to the Autódromo de Tarumã to see the series of races that were happening this Sunday (22), and the second race of the Copa 1.4 really caught a lot of attention. 

The category is made for race-prepped production sedan and hatch cars that are in the Brazilian market and use a spec 1.4 GM Flexpower engine. Although grids are modest, the race is exciting enough to get your eyes fixed in the on-track action.

The second race of this series had at least five contenders for the win, but as the laps passed, competitors were left a bit behind, and the final lap fight was down to two Chevrolet Celtas, of Fabiano Cardoso and Tiago Takagi. In the end, Cardoso edged out Takagi by mere 0.189 seconds, Truth be told that being the winner with the second-placed car in your back can be the most glorious and the most frightening thing to happen to you.

Do you want proof?
Of course, here it the finish in video:

If you have the opportunity to see a live race in a nearby track, don't miss the chance and go for it. You may be lucky enough to see amazing action in the process.