Finnish Airlines open operations on DiRT Rally

September finally ended and along with a new month, Codemasters brought the latest update to the successful DiRT Rally title, which now puts the game on version 0.8, and also adds the Flying Finland pack to your pleasure.

This version of the game brings it closer to the final version of the game, which can trigger the so much awaited port to the current generation of consoles. Some corrections were made to various bugs still present in the game and adds some cool features like mouse support, an ‘Invite Friends’ feature in PvP competition and Custom Championships to the Career Mode, if you’re not that interested on following the normal flow of the Career Mode.

More importantly is what came in the new pack, as Finland finally gets its place in the rallying events, as twelve high-paced stages with crests, bumps, jumps, big jumps and crests over crests and bumps to jumps and all sorts of terrain changes that would send you to mid-air action, be your car straight or sideways.

As promised by Chief Game Designer Paul Coleman a long time ago, in the forest roads of Jämsä you have listen every pace note call of your co-driver in order to succeed, and even listening and acting as whispered in your ears can't keep you clear of the environment where you are, as a millimeter out of the ideal line can throw you to a tree (or trees, who knows), to a rock, or even to a non-stop Hollywood-like rollover sequence. To hoon in grand style, a new class, the ‘2000s’ class was created and two iconic modern machines were added: The Ford Focus 2001 and the Subaru Impreza 2001.

Both cars were added to the game in order to play a fitting tribute to the fiercest world rally season in modern history, when Richard Burns with Subaru won the title by only two points over Colin McRae with his Ford, and both liveries are able in the game if you want to emulate their sheer glory. Here is the blog’s owner contribution, accelerating and jumping at the Paskuri stage in the Subaru Impreza. Really sorry for the smashed front end:

To know more about the 0.8 version of the game, see the Codies Blog post about it. And remember that at every update the game price rises a bit, so be quicker than McRae and Burns and get your copy.

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