2016 World RX calendar announced with some changes

The calendar for the 2016 season of the FIA World Rallycross Championship was finally presented this Thursday (29), and although it isn’t a definitive version due to the wait for analysis from the World Motorsport Council, some changes are pretty much evident.

At the moment twelve round are confirmed in the championship, which will start in April and will end in November, shrinking in one event. Noticeable at first sight is that the World RX Turkey, held at Istambul Park, and the World RX of Italy, held at the Franciacorta circuit, will not be realized next year. While losing two events, a new one joins the party, as the World RX of Latvia will take place in a circuit at Riga.

Outside these changes, the other events of the calendar just exchanged places. April and May will feature the same events of 2015, as the Montealegre RX, Hockenheim RX, Mettet RX and the classic Lydden Hill RX will stay in their original slots. The Hockenheim RX event will still share track time with the initial DTM event at the German circuit.

June, July and August will have one round each, as the Hell RX event is moved forward, while the crowd-bringer Höljes RX stays in its place, as well the the annual visit to North America in the Trois-Rivieres RX event.

September will have two rounds, as the popular Loheac RX and the one-year old Barcelona RX events will keep their places. In October is where the heavy changes are placed, as the Turkey and Italy events were dropped in favor of the new Riga RX while the Estering RX event was brought further back, ending the European travel of the series.

Another thing that remains unchanged is that the season ends with a trip to South America, as the Rosario RX event in Argentina closes the curtains on November 27th.

While the 2016 calendar was already announced, the 2015 season isn’t over yet, as the event in Argentina will be held in a month, on November 29th, which can crown the second World RX title to the Norwegian SDRX driver Petter Solberg.

See the calendar below and find an event near you to go:

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