Just break the limit

Due to an unfortunate sequence of events during the first round of the 2015 VLN season, the accident that made a Nissan GT-R get air at Nordschleife’s Flugplatz section victimized a person in the spectator área. Due to that, speed limits were enforced in certain parts of the circuit and a temporary GT ban was imposed, just to make sure this kind of accident doesn’t happen again. But, this week, measures to improve safety may bring an end to the controversal speed limits.
Capricorn Nürburgring GmbH, the responsible company for the Nürburgring, presented a plan which will include catch-fencing, guardrails and restricted spectator zones in some parts of the circuit. Together with the repaving of 500 meters of the Flugplatz section, flattening the bumpy section that to the crest of the turn, this package of measures will help on the safety side for drivers and spectators, and is expected that the imposed speed limits at Flugplatz, Schwedenkreuz and Döttinger Höhe willbe finally lifted.
Once the plans receive approval from both DMSB and FIA, track work will start on November, with the goal to have all the improvements concluded at the beginning of the 2016, before the next VLN season. Because of that waiting timeframe, the speed limits will exist until the end of the season, since no short-term plans would effectively do any good to the situation.

The Nordschleife calendar of events in 2015 ends with the last round of the VLN season, the DMV Münsterlandpokal, on October 31st, and the circuit 2015 season finally ends on November 9th, as the Race4Friends charity event will be held in the Grand Prix circuit. There’s no information of the 2016 season calendar at the moment, but considering that racing activities should probably start at April, there’s a good timeframe for the intended changes.