The Corvette C7R GT3 project is still alive

Between the mountain of new GT3 cars to come and already racing, the Chevrolet Corvette still remains the main weapon of the German guys of Callaway Competition, currently competing in the ADAC GT Masters. In fact, the car is still competitive, but the Z06.R GT3 is struggling in certain areas, especially when it comes to reliability, what justifies a new project, like the Corvette C7.R GT3 to be prepared by Callaway.

The idea became public knowledge in 2013 but, when discussions with General Motors resulted in the approval of the project, but what halted the progress of Callaway, as well of other manufacturers were the discussions regarding the changes in the GT category, which were supposed to convert the GTE and GT3 regulations into one set, to make possible to convert a GT3 car into GTE and the inverse with minimum effort.

As the negotiations didn’t progressed and both GTE and GT3 regulations remained as they are now, the Callaway C7R GT3 can pass through the data and CAD phase to become a reality, as a C7 model is already at Callaway’s headquarters to start preparations. Once the first model is ready, an intensive test program will be realized, with the goal to make the Callaway C7R be ready to competition at the beginning of 2016.

It is still uncertain if the Callaway C7R will be restricted to the European market or if the model will make the trip to the United States if any team is interested.

PHOTO: Corvette Motorsport