The BMW M6 GT3, live and in camo

And finally we can say that the BMW M6 GT3 left the sketches and gone to the track, as the future substitute of the BMW Z4 GT3 was seen at the BMW Dingolfing factory, with works driver Jörg Müller driving the new car.

The development of the new BMW machine started last season, and the first models will be available to customers at the end of the year. The M6 GT3 will feature the same 4.4-litre V8 with 500 hp like the Z4 GT3, but will be a twin turbo engine instead of natural aspirated one, and will have a six-speed sequential transmission, all of this and more things fitted in 1300 kilograms of pure German glory.

As the M6 GT3 is expected to be on the market on the end of the year, customers will probably changes their Z4s to M6s through the course of the next year. And at the moment, there’s no clue if there will be a GTE version of the M6.


Now we just need to put a Hatsune Miku or a Marc VDS livery on it.