Already one year...

December 9th, 2013. End of term, and I had an Idea based on a work that I’ve done: why not start a motorsport blog?

In a moment, I remembered that I had a blog that was a classroom activity from six years ago, and with just a few changes, it became what you know now as Minamoto Graphics. I won’t deny, I would started that earlier, as I had the idea before, but I preferred to analyze all the things that I watched about the matter at that time, and they really helped me to have the inspiration to my blog.

The concept was to post the skins that I was doing for GTR2, as I was pretty creative at that time, but seeing that if I post only skins would take too much time between the posts, I started to post news and some opinion posts. When I saw, the news took all the time, and I preferred to stay like this. But I didn’t forgot the skins, I just need the inspiration, so always expect something, dear reader.

Time passed, 1 month, then two, three… And little by little the blog reached the 1000 pageviews mark, and I decided to continue that. Today, I had 5500 views, from different countries. Today I don’t even think in stopping, because it’s a thing that I like to do. Writing here opened doors for other things, and helped me find others that like motorsports like me, being enthusiasts, writers and people involved directly with racing.

I really expect to continue for more years, attract more readers, skin fans, etc. So, thanks to you readers to stay with this blog, and stay tuned, there’s always something here, no matter what it is.