We are 1000!!

And finally what started as my homework in 2007, was revitalized near the end of the past year, and now reach the mark of 1000 pageviews.

Honestly, when I started blogging for real, I couldn't imagine that it would have 1000 views after just 3 months of existence. I thought it would be a project that could be thrown away whan the euphory of a new thing to do ends. But, surprising even this blog's owner, I dedicated myself to the blog, against time and mood corncerns.

Why not celebrating this occasion with a livery, right?
All the time dedicated to Minamoto Graphics was a roller-coaster of surprises since I put the idea from mind to web, and being negative or positive, these surprises are part of this, as well of the life as a whole.

First of all, thanks to the visitors, being wherever you are, because if you spend a little of your everyday time to come here, is because you're curious about my work or because you like it. You're the greatest motivation that this owner has.

After that, thanks to all the ones that inspired me, being bloggers, sim racing skinners, designers, etc. I want to dedicate a special post to you in the near future, because I'm the type of guy that likes to have a base on the things I do, and I couldn't complain about that, because my inspirational people are good on what they do.

And finally, as I said, stay tuned. Now that we are 1000, I will keep pushing to bring my vision about the motorsport world, my content to show and for download, and because at the moment, there's nothing that shows clearly what I like than this blog.

We are 1000, and we'll keep growing.


This blog's owner.