The GT Academy's new waves

The Nissan's GT Academy, as well its pilots, doesn't stop suprising.

For the ones that don't know, the GT Academy is a program backed by Nissan in partnership with Sony, giving the oportunity of guys that only have driven in Gran Tursimo to get a chance in real motorsport.

Since the start of the program, in 2008, several drives have gone from virtual racing to real tracks, with excellent results from a way that differs completly of the usual path followed in motorsport.

And now, talking about drivers, I have two in special that got excellent news in recent weeks: the spaniard Lucas Ordoñez and Jan "Tha Man" Mardenborough.

Ordoñez, the first GT Academy winner, will go to Japan this year at full-time with NDDP Racing in Super GT's GT300 class, driving the Nissan GT-R GT3 that he knows really well, alongside with Kazuki Hoshino.

This isn't the first time that Ordoñez will race in Japan, as he drove in the International Pokka 1000 km in Suzuka last year, with the same NDDP, as well in the Fuji Sprint Cup with NISMO Athlete Global Team.

Along with racing in Japan, Lucas will be one of the drivers of the new ZEOD RC prototype that will hit the road in Le Mans 24 Hours this year.

And other that's collecting the results of his efforts is Jann Mardenborough. The driver that was "too fast to be a gentleman driver in British GT" returned from a period in New Zealand driving for Giles Motorsport in Toyota Racing Series, where he showed good performances, he signed with Arden International to get a drive for 2014 GP3 Series season, and he became part of the Red Bull Junior Team driving program.

If he continues doing everything right, maybe in a close future we may see him in F1 driving aside of Sebastian Vettel (this blog's owner really wants this).

This is part of what is becoming the role of GT Academy in motorsport world, an alternative way to get into real tracks, dirivng in real racing, but coming from video games.


If GT Academy appears in Brazil, I'll buy a PS3 and Gran Turismo 6!
Why don't give it a shot?

Photos: sportscar365 & Arden International