Saying goobdye to windshield wipers

Driving in the rain is an awful thing to do, even with the speed limits we have on the streets. On racecars have an even awful situation: try to do the same, but at higher speeds, trying to take everything possible of the machine.

Other thing to deal with is the visibility. Depending on how bad weather is or your speed, just see what's ahead requires a terrible effort. That's why we have windshield wipers in every car. But McLaren wants to change this reality and get rid of wipers. So you, dear reader, asks -How can you do that?-. The answer was found on jet fighters, and they're trying to bring this on road going and racing cars.

Jet fighters use a sound forcefield at a specific frequency that can repel anything that can be an annoyance to your visibility, keeping the windshield clean and clear, and getting some aerodynamic benefits as bonus.

So, what's the idea: adapt that, initially on racecars, with the same objective, other than eliminate the actual wiping system and reduce car's weight.

By the moment, the system is an idea or a concept than a thing close to reality in cars, but we may see the development of this in the near future. I can imagine that so much people are really wanting this project to turn into reality.