Hybrid factor - Part 2

Now, let's continue talking about the hybrid projects of nowadays, and now we're going from Germany to Japan, more specifically, to the GT300 class of Super GT.

Starting with Honda. Honda had always a solid program in the Super GT GT500 class, but in 2012, Honda released the GT300 racer that will compete in the season: the CR-Z GT Hybrid.

The road car is also a hybrid one, but it doesn't compare to its japanese racing relative, as some modifications were made to put the car on the regulations of the GT300 class. An enhanced petrol-powered engine, wide body kits, and a electric unit that delivers extra 67hp to the car, that recharges energy through braking.

The most important landmark of the CR-Z is the 2013 GT300 title with Mugen, with ex-Indy Hideki Mutou and Yuuki Nakayama at the wheel.

Toyota still has a solid GT500 program, even if it's running with the Lexus badge, and had other good GT300 projects before the first hybrid car in GT300: the Toyota Prius GT Hybrid.

Since 2009 running with the Corolla Axio, and even after with Celica, in 2012 Toyota released the Prius GT, with apr the new car, equipped with the R8VK engine that can be found in Rebellion Racing Lolas. The hybrid system recovers energy by an additional caliper in the rear axle.

The greatest landmark of this model is a victory in 2013 Fuji 500 km, with Morio Nitta and Koki Saga at the wheel.

The last one in the japanese GTs is Subaru. Subaru competed with a GT version of the famous Impreza model, and with the Legacy B4 before 2012, when they switched to the BR-Z Hybrid, which is still in use.

The BR-Z features a 300hp-restricted, petrol-powered, flat-four boxer EJ20 engine, which is a result of the rally experience that Subaru has over the years brought to the racetrack, and it's ran by R&D Sport. 

The greatest landmark of this machine is the 2013 International Pokka Sapporo 1000km, in Suzuka, with Kota Sasaki, Tetsuya Yamano and Takuto Iguchi¹ at the wheel.

¹: Takuto Iguchi was the 3rd driver only for Suzuka 1000, since the event allows 3 drivers per car.

Photos: Racecar Engineering/AutoGuide.